Logistics is an important but often less prioritised field in product manufacturing. It is important to ensure not only that the required raw materials are ready on time, but also that the finished products are properly packaged and shipped to the customer just in time. Upon entry into the USA market in 2006, the importance of logistics services grew significantly, since various customs documents had to accompany the deliveries and compliance with all country-specific laws and prescriptions had to be ensured. Wandfluh Produktions AG now has extensive know-how with respect to imports and exports and can thus ensure legally compliant delivery to practically every country in the world.

This allows us to offer single-source solutions along virtually the entire value chain, which also greatly benefits our customers.

The core activities of our logistics department are:

  • Purchasing and provisioning of trade and standard parts
  • Purchasing and provisioning of raw materials
  • Planning and organisation of surface treatments
  • Incoming goods inspection
  • Storage of finished components, modules or assemblies
  • Vacuum packaging in a cleanroom (on customer request) 
  • Worldwide shipping including all relevant formalities and paperwork