Based on its long-term experience in the production of parts and their assembly to modules, Wandfluh Produktions AG has acquired proficiency in the automation of assembling processes. A team of automation specialists with profound practical experience in this field develops specific and efficient solutions serving our customers. According to the quantities to be assembled, these solutions generally differ with respect to their degree of automation.

The latter is determined jointly with the customer in order to achieve the most efficient and cost-effective solution for the particular application. The company's long-term experience in this sector and the ability to design and manufacture the components required for an automation solution in-house results in cost-effective and precisely tailored systems in line with customer requirements being produced with short delivery times.

Project scope

The implementation time for automation solutions varies between a few weeks and a few months. The degree of automation ranges from simple assembly aids to fully integrated solutions encompassing several workstations.

Application examples
  • Valve assembly and test bench
  • Pressure measurement with automated ejection (good/bad)
  • Loading and unloading devices for machine tools
  • Automatic assembly plants for mechanical components
  • Combined system with milling and assembling options
Portfolio of services
  • Assistance in preparing a functional specification document
  • Development of the product specifications and detailed quotation
  • Basic and detailed concept with technical drawings
  • Implementation with first part inspection at our factory
  • Transport to destination and commissioning
  • Operating instructions and declarations of conformity
  • Service and support
  • Customer service

Our automation solutions comply with Swiss and EU standards.