Blue Competence

We use natural resources sparingly and efficiently and reduce emissions and waste thanks to our technically optimised systems and processes. For example, we use warm mountain groundwater from the Lötschberg railway base tunnel for the CO2-neutral heating of our production and office buildings.


Chips and waste materials arising from our mechanical production are collected, sorted and shipped to recycling facilities. The remaining waste, in particular oil, packaging materials, paper and lamps, etc. are separated and then collected by a recycling company, where they are recycled or disposed of in an environmentally compliant way.


We protect the environment from the harmful and disrupting effects of our activities. Going beyond respecting the legal requirements, we are committed to voluntarily minimising our ecological footprint wherever possible. This starts with choosing the right materials that do not generate unnecessary waste, continues throughout the entire production process and ends with energy-saving control systems throughout our entire infrastructure.