Sooner or later, virtually all manufactured components will be integrated in an assembly and/or form the basis of an assembly in the form of a platform or housing. That's why it often makes sense to assemble the parts in the factory and deliver them to the customer as fully assembled and tested modules, assemblies or sub-systems.

When this option is chosen, either the other components used in the assembly are provided by the customer, or we procure them in compliance with the design specifications and parts lists. Based on the concepts of lean management, one-piece-flow and automation, we always try to perceive and understand a production process

Type of assemblies

We assemble and test simple mechanical modules as well as complex, freely programmable electromechanical sub-systems with a total weight of up to 30 kg. We believe component assembly makes sense when it involves a high proportion of internally produced components, since passing on the cost of commercial goods does not create any added value and thus does not directly benefit the customer.

Batch sizes

We are flexible in terms of batch sizes. What's important is that component assembly should make sense for both parties and increase efficiency. When developing a project, Wandfluh Produktions AG is usually already involved from the early prototype phase on through to pilot production.

Inspection and tests

The finished assemblies are tested on the existing hydraulic, electronic, mechanical or pneumatic test benches. If the assembly requires other test methods, an appropriate test procedure can be developed together with the customer and a test bench set up. Standard as well as customer-specific test benches are checked and calibrated regularly. In most cases, the test and measurement results are available in electronic form so that they can be easily made available to the customer.


As a process-oriented business, we develop new processes whenever variants to the standard processes make sense. Especially for assemblies, this is often the case since they may contain electronic components requiring ESD protection or are not yet protected from dust and dirt by a cover. Such assemblies can be packaged and/or vacuum-packed in a dust-free cleanroom. Depending on the type of assembly, the logistics process also includes the specific inclusion of accompanying certificates, test and quality documents, etc. Wandfluh Produktions AG has a profound know-how of import and export procedures and can thus ensure legally compliant delivery in practically every country in the world.