Vision: We want to excite our customers around the world with high-quality products and services and – as a valued partner – contribute to the development and manufacture of cutting-edge technical components and systems.


The vibrant history of our company is an excellent example of successful innovation. The key to this comprises customer requests that challenge and motivate us to discover new paths and further develop our skills.

In our business activities we implement technical innovations using sound judgement, always focusing on the customer benefit as our main guideline.

For us, the term “innovation” is not just a truism, but must represent tangible improvements for the customer.


Ensuring consistent quality in the manufacture of our products and the services we render is an important mainstay of our business, one that makes us stand out amongst our competitors.

The quality we deliver has to meet the expectations of demanding customers and markets. In our business philosophy we consider quality, timeliness and cost awareness to be equally important factors for success.


For us, being flexible means planning dynamically while maintaining sufficient leeway to be able to respond to emergencies. Our activities are guided by the needs of our customers while maintaining our own principles and strategies.

Adhering to jointly agreed deadlines is a matter of principle for us. Express orders are handled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Combining consistency and flexibility is an exciting challenge, one which we have learned to deal with over many years of business.