Design consulting and services

Depending on the component, up to 80 % of the product costs are determined by design and construction of the part. Since 2010, Wandfluh Produktions AG has had its own small design department tasked with optimising synergies between upstream and metalworking processes. During the design phase already, customers can request its support with respect to the best approach for maximising cost efficiency in the manufacturing processes of their parts.

The design department uses the CAD software SolidWorks. This allows not only the creation, but also the subsequent direct production of 3D models and assemblies on CNC machines. Additionally, the models can be printed on a 3D printer, which is very useful as a presentation object when discussing the design with the customer. The design department not only helps when specific questions or solutions are required, but in partnership with the customer's design department can also contribute to complex customer projects or even take over the entire design process.

Wapro Konstruktionsberatung und -dienstleistungen