Established parts manufacturer for various applications


Anything from aircraft aluminium to titanium is possible


High hygiene standards to safe eating and drinking


Manufactured, assembled, tested and delivered on time


Based on its long-term experience in the production of parts and their assembly to modules, Wandfluh Produktions AG has acquired proficiency in the automation…

Mechanical Processing

Our machine fleet contains around 30 modern CNC machines equipped with automated loading and unloading systems. This enables us to produce high-quality


Sooner or later, virtually all manufactured components will be integrated in an assembly and/or form the basis of an assembly in the form of a platform or…

At Wandfluh you always get exactly what you need. Your satisfaction makes our pride.




Nach gefühlten 20 Jahren entschloss die Wapro, wieder einmal an einer «richtigen» Messe mit einem eigenen Ausstellungsstand teilzunehmen. Das Messethema der Sindex, die vom 31. August bis 2. September…


Information Coronavirus

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, geschätzte Kundinnen und Kunden Die Wandfluh Produktions AG ist – Stand heute – voll lieferbereit. Mit einer gewissen Sorge beobachten wir hingegen die Situation in…


Information Coronavirus

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, geschätzte Kundinnen und Kunden Der Bundesrat hat Ende der letzten Woche zusätzliche Massnahmen zur Eingrenzung des Corona-Virus erlassen. Wir rechnen damit, dass in…


Information Coronavirus

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, geschätzte Kundinnen und Kunden Wir haben in der letzten Woche (KW09/2020) unsere Hauptlieferanten für Metalle und Kunststoffe angeschrieben und gefragt, welche…

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Wandfluh has been shaping innovative thinking and passion since 1946. Striving for perfection, quality and customer satisfaction is the key to Wandfluh's success.

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Clear and understandable communication is one of the key success factors for a project. In addition to a simple and unambiguous communication style, visualisation of proposals and solutions at Wandfluh Produktions AG has proven... 

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As a contract manufacturer in Switzerland, we are well aware of the price sensitivity in our field. For us, this means we have to produce more efficiently than our competitors in neighbouring countries and ensure a continuous competitive edge

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During production of components and assemblies, various measuring procedures have to be performed in order to ensure the required product quality. Precision manufacturing therefore calls for very precise test equipment and measurement methods in order to ensure the high quality

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